We are changing the way people share and collect data

Our Story

At Spheros, we understand the frustration businesses face with the constant need to provide and manage data across various platforms. The repetitive process of gathering and verifying information is time-consuming and inefficient. This is why we set out to create a solution that transforms the way companies handle data.

Our solution empowers companies to seamlessly share, update, or revoke information, ensuring real-time accuracy and compliance. By simplifying data management, we help you focus on what truly matters—using accurate data to make informed decisions. Our dedicated team is committed to revolutionizing data ownership and security, transforming how you perceive and manage one of your most valuable assets. Join us in embracing the digital age for a simpler, more secure tomorrow.

Data flows continuously powering our digital lives. Spheros lets you control the flow.

We're on a mission to establish enduring, trust-driven partnerships that empower individuals and businesses to thrive together.

The values that drive our work


Trust forms the foundation of secure and ethical data sharing.


Transparency ensures clarity and openness in data exchange.


We are providing solutions for todays digital needs, adapting to the new digital world.


Ownership empowers users control over their data, promoting independence.


Knowing your data what data your sharing with who provides an additional peace of mind.


Experience unmatched convenience with seamless access to your essential data.

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